Easter 24 hour feedback

Gleanings from 24 hour prayer gathering believers across Somerset and beyond, Taunton 24/7 prayer gathering on zoom – Thursday 9th April. 


Lets dig DEEP and AWAKEN our faith in these troubled and stormy times, with our Anchor holding us strong in Jesus and His Word, and pray we would be a people of PEACE not a people of FEAR.

Praying that this ‘peace that passes understanding’ would be our great WITNESS to our fear-filled world/neighbours/families. Lets write a Psalm like David did in these days? Hazel Hare read one she had written.

Being filled with God’s peace (as above) we pray for a holy BOLDNESS to speak more about the GOSPEL of God’s mercy and grace in JESUS.

That we should be a city on a hill, with light that cannot be hidden.

That we, like the Israelites at the Red Sea, should hear God say ‘move forward’ (ie despite the obvious outward obstacles)


We were blessed in that the Scripture we were given was about the command to love one another. It is to be our highest goal (1 Cor 14 v 1). We feel 2 things are necessary for us to be able to do this. 1st we must have a revelation of how much we are loved & 2nd we have to do it in the power of the Holy Spirit as it’s impossible without Him! So our prayers were focused on those 2 things.


It was good to share with you.

The theme of God calling us to unity seemed to run on from the previous hour which was great.


• knowing that we can have a direct, and personal relationship with the Father

• There was a theme of God’s father heart for His children, through Jesus’s comments

• prophecy read by Heather Sampson… God has created an opportunity for us to turn to him. Do we choose to respond to that invitation?


As we were near the start of the 24 hours, we felt it was right to begin with worship… taking our focus to God’s goodness in our circumstances and surrendering to Him and what He says.

We felt led to pray for the lonely and for families in tricky living conditions, particularly children who’s safe place is normally school but they are now unable to be there.

Picture of the rainbow, feel it’s claiming back it’s true identity…promise and hope. This is a season of God claiming back what has been lost.


A great example of family and sharing in the joy of the Lord together with Nelma and family’s worship session…the sense of community throughout the day was incredible and so refreshing/exciting!


There was a consistent theme of a strengthening of faith during this time.

John 16:12-15 was read 3 hours in a row as people were feeling there was something significant in what Jesus was saying there.


Prophetic word: ‘I do a new thing, then he came to Taunton someone recommended Firepool is the place to be, it’s still empty – bring Fire to this area.’ 

Prophetic word: ‘Taunton is the vineyard of the Lord, Golden apples in Taunton, there is something of the glory of heaven in Taunton.’

Sing like the birds, night and day for his faithfulness. As dawn comes the chorus rises, just like Jesus returning. We need to awaken.

The Father’s house, we are adopted not fostered. 


Read of Gideon and the men that lapped from the water – 300 of them and they were victorious, they didn’t fight but they smashed their jars and sounded the trumpet. It’s time to shine our lights, the enemy to flee and God’s will to be done. 

Also referenced Jericho, a trumpet is not always a call to action but sometimes a place to stay, we need to know what is being said. 

We need to watch from the towers like in Habakuk. 


Prophetic insights read out from National & Local, one extract below. 


Chuck Pierce of Glory of Zion Ministries, is one of the major prophetic voices in the world today and is known for delivering accurate words about the times and seasons we are in. 

Pierce started prophesying last September and then again in January about what the world is going through now. He said, “plague-like” conditions would hit the Earth through February, March, and April.  

In a new interview with CBN News on “The Prayer Link” show, he also had a word of hope about Passover. “This year would be the year that Believers would really have to understand Passover and that we will pass over!” He said, this year, more than ever, Christians need to understand the power of the blood of Jesus and honor Him.

Last August, as Chuck was meeting and praying with his team, he says the Spirit of God fell and told him, “This Passover will be a Passover.” 

During his interview on The Prayer Link, Chuck said, “What I saw is that at Passover this year, after this virus, after this plague-like condition was raging, that we would start turning, if we would participate in Passover. Now, Passover starts Wednesday evening, April 8th and goes through Thursday evening, April 16th. 

Then, we have to remember there’s a 40-day period that God intended for them (The Israelites) to press on through and come into their promises. So, I believe the next 40 days after Passover is a pressing forth time for God’s people and if we press, if we grab hold of this Passover, the power of His blood, WE WILL CROSS OVER INTO NEW LEVELS OF HIS PROMISES.”  

He says God is making us treat this Passover the way He did with the original Passover. 

“We have lost the concept of the blood. This Passover is important because we have to understand the power of the blood. Now, notice what’s happening here, God is making us do this Passover the way He did the original Passover. We’re having to go inside our homes, shut the door, a confinement, like He did the original Passover and really He’s forcing us to recognize the power of His blood,” said Pierce. 


Pierce says we don’t have to literally put blood on our doorposts like the Israelites did to keep the plague from entering their homes, but what we do have to do “is recognize the power that the Lord Jesus Christ, by His Spirit, left us. And like Hebrews says, His Spirit is flowing through our blood. His blood is actually activating in us. This year like never before, what I’m praying is, that God’s people, that their spirit gets activated in a new way, a renewal of the spiritual aspect of who He is and who we are and the union we have with Him comes into a whole new Baptism. So, what you are doing by taking communion, because the Lord says always remember me and take communion, I think that’s exactly what the Lord’s looking for,” said Pierce.

Final moments a great sense to humble ourselves, kneel, repent before God. Let’s not miss this. Be ready for a new thing, a singular vision around Christ the King. United going forward. A new way, founded on Christ, praying, excepting, intentional, growing, God glorifying, revival in the Church and within the land.