40 Days of Prayer

LIVE STEAM at 8:30PM for live worship & prayer click here. At 8:30 (or sometimes just after!), scroll down on facebook page to LIVE – remember you don’t have to be on facebook to view it!

26th March – Simon Taylor from Oakwood and Worship with Zac, Jordan and Nelma.

27th March – Live Pursuit.

28th March – TBC

29th March – Awaken Young Adult Zoom chat & pray 6pm, worship and prayer. 8:30pm Live worship.

30th March – Zoom with Neil prayer theme discipleship at 8:30pm.: Join Zoom Meeting
https://us04web.zoom.us/j/9177844473. Meeting ID: 917 784 4473

Date TBC – what is God saying – update from prophetic people in Taunton

We will be continuing with our 40 days of prayer with live streaming every day at 8:30pm from both Pursuit and Awaken facebook pages (click links). You can get involved with the following things:

  1. For these last 20 days of our 40 days of prayer (due to the virus) we’ve updated the call to pray 24/7. If you can pray at home, work or the streets etc any time of the day or night you can sign up for prayer slots here. We are feeling we need to intensify prayer at this time and are asking the whole church to get involved with covering the town in prayer.
  2. Join the 24/7 prayer facebook group where we will share what God has been speaking about during the time we have been praying for our nation and community.
  3. Join in the daily live steam of prayer, worship and interactive sessions. Details will be posted on facebook pages (you don’t need to be on facebook to view the content). We’ll put the link on this page just before 8:30pm.
  4. You can use the prayer hub in 4 Lower Middle Street, TA1 1SF for prayer, click here to book your slot.

There is a call, will you answer?

We’re feeling prayers of preparation with fasting are needed for the next season, we feel a call to everyone to pray daily.

At the moment the prayer room is open for personal prayer 24/7 to book a slot check out the link. Details about the prayer room here.

We’re inviting you to take place in this move of seeking God, will you join?

Prayer led sessions for 40 days of prayer are now online via Live Stream as above.